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Planning Ahead

The biggest Suggestion is to PLAN! I Honestly can’t STRESS this ENOUGH!

Brides, it is best to find and order your dress 12 months in advance to allow for delays and the alteration process. For Prom, it is best to shop over Christmas break but no later than the end of January.

Whether Bridal or Prom, make your appointment as soon as you know what your dress is.

​Sharing Is Caring! Remember, these tips cover all formal attire!

If you typically have a hard time finding what you like, it is best to start shopping early. The further you get into the Season, your selection may be limited to style, size and colour based on what is in stock or what can be ordered to arrive in time for alterations.

Prom: Some stores, as a courtesy, will not sell the same dress to another student going to the same Prom, thus having a classmate get to your dress first. Remember they do this, so you aren’t embarrassed with another classmate wearing the same dress. This brings me to the next thing, have your class president set up a Prom page on Facebook for your school that a staff member, like the guidance counselor or other adult monitor. Be sure to note the restrictions clearly, so there are no misunderstandings. “YES… You are more than welcome to share my posts on that page!”

Suggestion: “That you only post once you have bought the dress and that anyone posting the dress afterwards will have to make another choice.” Several schools already do this, and it has been helpful.

BRIDAL: Once you find your dress keep in touch with the bridal shop on its arrival. I recommend checking in with them monthly, then every 2 weeks in the last 6 weeks of its delivery date.

 In the past, I have had girls order a dress and find out that the company/supplier underestimated the demand, thus not getting their dream dress and having to shop for something else last minute. Put company/suppliers sometimes struggle to have dresses made to fulfil orders not only for Prom but for other formal events going on at that time. This can also be the case for bridesmaid dresses and even Wedding dresses. Sometimes it can be weather-related delays or delivery issues outside the company/suppliers’ control. This can result in added stress wondering whether you will get your dress in time and if you will get it in time to get it altered if needed. Planning helps increase your chances of getting the first pick over everything… your dress, appointments, photographer, flowers, limousine, and more, making your Prom or Wedding a memorable one.

Remember, scheduling is ALL On-Line and available 24/7, so please schedule your appointment sooner rather than later.

On Scheduler, select Category -“ALTERATIONS” then select Service – “ALTERATIONS – FORMAL” for Prom, bridesmaid and other Formal events. This is a 30-minute appointment.

For Bridal, Select Category – “ALTERATIONS” then – “ALTERATIONS – INITIAL BRIDAL CONSULTATION”.  This is a 90-minute appointment, and fittings will be 45 minutes.

If you wait too late and there isn’t an available appointment, “Put yourself on WAITLIST ASAP.”  The Wait List Saves Your Place In Line, and it is “First Come/Submit, First Serve”. (see the Wait List tab on the website for details)

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Scheduling Guides for all services BRIDAL, FORMAL, PROM, everyday/EMBROIDERY, and CUSTOM WORK are on my website’s Scheduling page to assist with planning.

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