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Sizing/Online Ordering Tips

As noted in the previous post (please review if needed), you want to be sure to order the correct size base on how the dress fits you in the store. (Don’t forget about stretching, as can often be the case with samples.)

In addition, please keep in mind that you always want to order the biggest part of your body; for some, that may be the bust, and for others, that may be the hips or waist. Yes, it is possible that your bust could have you a size 8 while your hips or waist have you at a size 6, but you MUST order the 8. On the other end of that, you MUST order a size 8 bust and a size 10 hip or waist size 10. What if you have a big difference in sizing from bust to hip? Depending on your body type, you can be a 10 for the bust, 8 for the waist and 12 for the hip.

Again, your order for the largest measurement…the 12! You can always take in but let out, and you are limited to the amount of in-seam if there is any. On dresses with a lace overlay or chiffon, let-out is limited due to “serged”  or “French seams”, of which there is NO let-out. Please don’t risk it over a number. It is just a number.” If you aren’t sure if you are making a good decision on your purchase, be sure to ask questions and you can even take pictures and send them to me.

Please keep in mind that I offer a MEASUREMENT Service under the CATEGORY “QUICK APPOINTMENT” on the scheduler. It is a 15-minute appointment in which you bring the dress picture and the designer’s sizing/measurement chart for that particular dress. I say for that particular dress, as every style by a designer can be a different size/measurement chart. Please be sure to come wearing comfortable clothes and a regular bra. No sports bra as that compresses the bust and doesn’t allow for accurate measurement, and no padded bra as it adds to the measurement. I will review the appropriate measurements and show you how to order the correct size. Please keep in mind there is a small fee for this service, payable in cash, only $10 for formal wear and $30 for bridal wear.

Ordering Online can be tricky, especially when most dresses are made overseas. The standard sizing for USA and Overseas is very different. Typically their dress sizing is cut much smaller than ours, varying by 1-4 sizes, depending on your body type. Please be advised that most will wear a larger size in a formal dress than in a regular/everyday dress, so please DO NOT get too focused on that number, as it is just a number!  So that aside, you may wear a formal size 8 (when you are a size 6), which will factor in a dress from overseas, and you may need to order a 10, 12 or even a 14. You should educate yourself on the company you are ordering from and read the reviews. Again, I offer the MEASUREMENT service, so please utilize that to your advantage, so you aren’t blowing your budget. Some online sites are great with returns, while others don’t accept or make it challenging; then you’re left with trying to sell it or spending more money than necessary to make it work, if possible.

COMMON MISCONCEPTION: You can lose weight and not inches, or lose inches and not weight! It is better to SCHEDULE THE MEASUREMENT SERVICE and allow me to assist you in the thought process of your goals.

When Reading their reviews and researching the company online, consider this…

  • You will want to know what their sizing is. Do they run small, and by how much? (I will ask you this at your Measurement appointment, please add the link to the appointment so I can check them out too.)
  • Their return policy… Do they allow for returns? Do you have to pay for shipping? Will they even exchange? Is there a re-stocking fee? Is there a time limit?
  • What is their timeline for deliveries? Please be sure to allow 2-4 weeks longer than they advertise, as in years past, and some girls didn’t get their dresses in time or at all due to weather-related delays, receiving damaged packages and other order fulfilment demands. This can be especially frustrating if you think you may even need to exchange for a different size. In this case, if you are one who typically even exchanges, I would recommend saving yourself the headache and ordering the 2 sizes from the start and returning the other later.

If you still have questions, email or FB me so I can help you navigate the process.

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