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Scheduling Must Knows

Scheduling an appointment with me is extremely easy! You can click on the “BOOK NOW” link on my Business Facebook Page or access it by one of these methods:

  • My website: (has a floating button on each page)
  • The scheduling page is also directly on my website. (as well as the waiting list, if needed)
  • Quick Access link:

All these methods will take you directly to my calendar so you can conveniently schedule your appointment “sooner rather than later”, 24 hours a day/7, days a week.

When you schedule, you will be presented to select a CATEGORY, and then you will be directed to select your SERVICE. The Categories are Alterations, Custom Work, Embroidery, Sewing Lessons and Quick appointments. Brides coming to me for the first visit will select Alterations – Initial Bridal Consultation (90-minute appointment), and be sure to select their wedding date in the form. Please note that if your wedding date isn’t there, it is already booked or hasn’t been released yet. If it is already booked, put yourself on the wait list ASAP to save your place in line.  For Bridal party and Prom Alterations – Formal (30-minute appointment) in the service to select from. Again, choose your event date and immediately put yourself on the wait list if it’s not there.  Dresses with issues or concerns may need the “ALTERATIONS – EXTENDED” for a 45-minute appointment. When scheduling these appointments, please “Read More” under the service description, as this outlines when you need to secure an appointment to ensure my availability for your garment needs.* I also give you a  heads up on where I am booking so if you before going into my calendar.

I offer appointments Tuesdays (alternating), Thursdays and Saturdays only on a “First Book, First Serve” basis through my On-line Scheduler. My SCHEDULE CAN ALWAYS BE SEEN 4 MONTHS OUT!!! 

Why? I need the other days to get the work done on time, plus this scheduler helps me maintain balance and reminds me of your appointments. ALL SCHEDULING IS DONE ONLINE!!!

Suppose you are planning and go to schedule your appointment and don’t see your date. Please use the Reservations tab; these appointments get priority before being released at the 6-month mark.

An added feature allows you to be on a MOVE-UP LIST (formerly known as the Last Minute Waiting List) if elected. Remember that MOVE UP differs from RESCHEDULING your appointment and the 
 page. Explanations below…

For the MOVE UP LIST feature, you must have an appointment scheduled to use this. This means you have scheduled your appointment within the recommended turnaround time (no less, please) but would like to get in sooner as you may have concerns about your garment or feel you would like the added buffer.

Checking this box puts you in line for an appointment move-up. Notification is likely short notice, less than 48 hours, and you typically have 1-2 hours to respond before the next on the list is notified. You, of course, do stay on the list until you accept an earlier appointment or your current appointment comes up.

RESCHEDULING feature means you have an appointment, and the time you selected isn’t convenient, or you may have had something come up. All you do is go to your appointment notification/reminder and select the link “reschedule/cancel” the system will direct you to my calendar to find another date/time and enter the reason for rescheduling. The system will move your information to the new appointment slot. As soon as you hit SUBMIT, your old appointment becomes immediately available, so please be sure of your new slot, as getting it back may not be an option if you change your mind. If you need to reschedule/cancel with less than 24 hours notice (48 hours for Bridal Consultations), the system will not allow you to reschedule. You will need to contact me directly via phone, text or FB messenger, so I can better serve your needs and those on the MOVE UP LIST or WAITING LIST more efficiently. (Email is okay too, but I only check it once a day and may not receive your message soon enough resulting in “No Show” status.* No shows and appointments with less than 24 hours (48 for bridal) will be charged a $25 fee.

(Please keep in mind that MARCH-OCTOBER are heavy booking months, and if you were already running close to the booking/turnaround time, there might not be an available date on which you either keep or existing appointment or put yourself IMMEDIATELY on the WAITING LIST that is on my website and cancel your appointment that you can’t make.)

WAITING LIST feature means no appointments are available for your need by date. This typically happens because… I am booking in advance; you have an unforeseen emergency or may not have planned for the recommended turnaround time. Please go to the WAITING LISTPage on my website IMMEDIATELY and follow the instructions to put yourself on the WAITING LIST. The Waiting List is set up to “SAVE YOUR PLACE IN LINE” but only allows a certain number of Garments per Date and Type of Garment, so please don’t lose your chance of “Me helping you” to a prior submission. Please note that if you contact via email, phone, text, social media, etc., this does not take the place of putting yourself on the waitlist. The waitlist is self-serve and allows me to use my time efficiently to help those on it, so be sure to put yourself on it ASAP.

Please note when you select your Garment Type/Need By Date to note in Brackets { } using the KEY as to whether the list is available for your particular need.

My Focus is providing high-quality service in a timely and efficient manner while offering appointments through the convenience of online scheduling that respects everyone’s time. The systems are set so that it “Helps Me To Help You” while allowing me to maintain the work, life/family balance.

If you have a question or concern about your dress, I recommend scheduling an appointment while you await my return call to get the earliest appointment possible. Why? I do book in advance and will share this in my FINAL HINTS.

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Thank you again for allowing me to serve you better! As always, I am here to assist you with any questions.
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