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Fittings/Timelines/Final Hints

Suppose you need both In-take (or Let-Out) AND a Hem. I will have you return for a fitting after altering the top before moving onto the hemline.
Why? It is always best to work a dress from top to bottom to avoid a shorter than the desired hemline since the top of the dress isn’t fitting you properly on your first appointment. Thus, part of the reason why the alteration timeline is 4-6 weeks for formal and 6 – 12 weeks for bridal (depending on detail). If you have a demanding schedule that doesn’t allow for flexible scheduling, it is highly recommended not to cut this timeline too close but rather book a few weeks sooner.

Final Hints?

This revolves around scheduling, but I wanted to share it separately. Last year, I typically booked about 4 weeks ahead by the middle of February, and as I get into the season, that grows to 2-3 months ahead.  I have found out that most like to go Prom shopping the week before or during Spring break. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND SHOPPING MUCH SOONER! (Re-read my previous posts to understand why shopping early will lead to less stress.)  Spring Break is typically the time in which appointments book more quickly but not just for Prom as it is Prime Wedding Season too. (SEE SCHEDULING PAGE OF MY WEBSITE FOR BRIDAL and FORMAL GUIDE)  My recommendation for the 2020 Prom Season is to SHOP EARLY and secure your appointment before Valentine’s. This allows for the best selections of dresses and the best option in appointment availability. SEE THE SCHEDULING GUIDE!

Schedule your appointment as soon as you have bought your dress. As you walk out of the store, get on your smartphone and book! If you have purchased it online, keep an eye on the delivery date and my schedule so that you can schedule your appointment accordingly. Saturday and evening appointments tend to be the first ones to get booked, so if these days/times work best for you, please remember to book in advance, like 6-8 weeks ahead, or you will end up scheduling during the daytime. Be sure to keep your appointment as scheduled. I know girls have sports, work and other schedules to work around, but should you have a less-than-flexible schedule, you need to plan further ahead to allow for this. I mean this as politely as possible: Please keep in mind it is a demanding season, and I am here to serve everyone as a whole, so don’t expect me to schedule and re-schedule, else I will charge you a $25.00 convenience fee for each occurrence.

Once my schedule is booked and you need an appointment, you have the following options:

  1. GET ON THE WAITLIST!!! This was implemented in 2017 and worked great; be sure to put yourself on it ASAP.  The WAIT LIST operates on a “First Submit, First Serve” Rule, so it “Saves your place in line” for the Date and Time you put in for, and it only takes up to 4 submissions per date, so don’t lose your place in line or date to a prior submission. Complete details about the Waiting List are on the Waiting List page of my website. To utilize the waitlist to its maximum potential and to better serve your needs more efficiently, I will only be pulling from the Waitlist.  Please understand that should you speak to me via text, email, social media, phone, etc. I will ask you to put yourself on this list ASAP. Your name on the list means you are serious about getting in, and you can put yourself on the list and still look for another seamstress. Please be sure to contact me if you find someone else so it frees up the slot for someone else. This method “Helps Me To Help You” in a more timely and efficient manner so that I may concentrate my efforts on sewing instead of chasing down emails and other messages to see who is next.  #1TipPlanAhead #2TipFollowMeOnSocialMedia
  2. KEEP IN MIND THE MOVE-UP OPTION! See the previous post for details on this.
  3. KEEP CHECKING MY SCHEDULER!!! You can put yourself on the Wait List and Stalk my Schedule. You can keep checking my scheduler as much as you want to see if someone reschedules/cancels their appointment, thus opening a slot. Remember, this can happen day or night, and it’s the first book, first serve. Please note if I have a Full waiting list, reschedules/cancels within a particular timeline will not release for regular bookings, as they will be offered to those on the waiting list first. Hence the importance of “Putting Yourself On The Wait List ASAP” if there isn’t an available appointment within the turnaround time needed.

Please Note: All those who contact me via Email, Facebook, phone, text, or other forms will be directed to the Wait List, so it’s EXTREMELY Important to put yourself on it as soon as possible or as soon as I tell you if you contacted me by one of these methods. To keep things completely fair – everyone must use the list – no exceptions!
These posts have been focused mostly on PROM & WEDDING, but this information can be used for other formal events. Wedding dress alterations need to allow 8-12 weeks of planning or more if you need something customized or have lots of detail on your dress.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. FB messenger is the quickest way to get a response from me as text, phone messages and email can take up to 48 hours, particularly during the busy season of March – October.
Please be sure that you have “LIKED” are “FOLLOWING” my Facebook page and “SHARE” this information with everyone you know so that you may all breathe a little easier.
Many thanks to everyone, and I hope this has helped give you what you need to navigate the Prom/Wedding Season. I look forward to working with you!


See the guides below & Scheduling Page for additional guides for Bridal and Formal

I have put these guides together to simplify timelines for scheduling to assist you with planning!

Please note Prom dates are highlighted on the main scheduling guide broken down by dates – PLAN AHEAD OF THESE MINIMUMS TO ENSURE THE BEST EXPERIENCE!