Appointment Scheduling Must Know!


Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to send this BLOG POST to assist in the number of calls and messages I receive! I AM SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL FOR YOU and truly want to help everyone, but I am one person.

If you email, leave a message, etc., it may take a day or two to get back to you with answers to your questions when appointments are unavailable for the time frame you need. PLEASE “Like” & “Follow” me on Social media sites as I post updates on scheduling to better assist you so that you are PLANNING AHEAD OF ME BOOKING AHEAD! Plus, share these posts with friends, family, neighbours, etc., as you never know who you know that may find this incredibly helpful.


For your convenience, I have a list of the most commonly asked questions on the FAQ page and within my website’s BLOG. I hope these 2 areas will assist you so that you may schedule an appointment that fits your needs sooner rather than later. Appointments are “First Book, First Serve”. If you have additional questions, put them in your appointment’s “NOTES” field. This will HELP ME to HELP YOU more efficiently, and I will contact you via email or phone. {Please note I rely heavily on technology to assist me so that I may work more efficiently towards my customers’ needs, so please check email, text and social media frequently.}

Appointment Availability?

Appointments are “FIRST BOOK, FIRST SERVE” Please be sure to Book the earliest appointment that you can (but not after your need-by date) that allows for the recommended time for your need. (See FAQs to assist) Anything less than the recommended time is considered a convenience/emergency. {I offer this, while I can, to assist those in a crunch with the understanding that I require a small fee for this service and my extra hours.}  When booking your appointment, there is an option at the end to check the “LMWL” (Last Minute Waiting List) box. This added feature within the scheduler helps me to help you more efficiently. By checking this box, I know you want to get in sooner. When I receive a cancellation, the scheduler keeps track of this for me, so I can contact the next person on the list to move them up. This feature Saves me a lot of time so I can focus on what is most important “SEWING!”

Are No Appointments Available For Your Need By The Date?

I know this can be frustrating, and I understand! There are only two things I can recommend in this instance: “STALK MY SCHEDULE & GET ON MY WAIT LIST!”

My scheduler is available 24/7, which is GREAT as everyone’s schedules are so different these days, allowing you to schedule as soon as you think about it. This means there’s a good chance that someone else is also thinking that. When you book an appointment, you have full control over your appointment up to 24 hours beforehand (48 hours for Bridal Consultations). If someone has a conflict, they will move their appointment to a more desirable day/time. This is your opportunity…GRAB IT! This can happen anytime, day or night. If they have a conflict and it’s less than 24 hours (48 hours for Bridal Consults), they notify me directly and the scheduler resorts to letting me know who is next on the “LMWL” if you have an appointment scheduled. If not, you have the option to get on…

MY WAITING LIST on the website. Please Click the Link from Home Page to its location. Please fill out everything completely so that I may better assist you! This Waiting List is NEW and was quickly implemented at the beginning of April, so if you have feedback (location, function, etc.), please let me know.  It is currently set to allow 4 submissions per possible date. {This number may fluctuate from 1-5 as I am testing this format out.} If you do not see your date, the waiting list is CLOSED, and I am not available for emergencies. I will contact those on the waiting list in the order of submission when I have cancellations or get ahead.

As a reminder, please remember to follow me on social media sites and share the information with friends, family, neighbours, etc.  I love when you refer to me; however, it can be disheartening for both of us when I have a full schedule for the time frame needed, and I cannot assist the person you kindly referred me.

I Hope this Helps in the scheduling process during the busy season, and I look forward to working with you.

​Thank you for allowing me to serve you more efficiently!