Introduction For Prom Preparation

Introduction to Postings

Hello Everyone! It has been a couple of years since I posted these helpful tips, so I thought I would share them again. Over the next several weeks, I will share some helpful information to assist parents/guardians in the Preparations for Prom. I know it seems kind of early since we just had Homecoming, but you will be glad to of had this information in advance. Please be sure that everyone you know has “LIKED” my Facebook page. This is the only place I am currently posting because other social media avenues don’t allow for these informative and lengthy posts.

These posts are meant to be helpful, give added support and elevate the “I wish I would have known that” afterthought that typically comes to mind when navigating the process. Please private message me if you are a past parent/guardian of Prom and have feedback you would like to share. Remember, I am here to help you make the best decision possible and have a wonderful experience.

These posts will discuss the following topics: (March – October are my busiest months)
Post 1: Planning Ahead on 11/4
Post 2: Where to Shop (avg. cost) on 11/8
Post 3: Dress Sizing/Online ordering on 11/11
Post 4: Scheduling on 11/15
Post 5: Fitting/Timelines/Final Hints on 11/18

​These topics are divided, so you do not have to be overwhelmed and have all the information to start shopping as early as Thanksgiving. If you have questions, comment on my post or private message me. I hope that this will help assist everyone in navigating the process of planning for prom.
Please be sure that you have “LIKED” are “FOLLOWING” my Facebook page and “SHARE” this information with everyone you know so that you may all breathe a little easier.

(Please note if you are planning to shop before Thanksgiving, that is GREAT! Just let me know, and I will FAST TRACK all the information in an email so that you are well informed and have time to ask questions.)