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Where to Shop


I always recommend that it is best to shop at a store instead of online first. In a store you:

  • Get to try on the dress and make sure you like the style, color and lines of the dress on your body type.
  • Receive more of a personalized shopping experience, and they will be able to assist with your questions and styling.
  • Have an idea of the fit. {Keep in mind, though, that if you try on a sample dress that is a size 6 in the store and is rather snug/tight, you may want to order a size up.

The dress is a sample, and they typically have been tried on many times and may be stretched out. The last thing you want to stress over is whether there is enough material inside the dress to let it out or lose weight/inches. On the flip side of that, if you try on a size 6 that is a little big, you will want to order a new 6 that would most likely fit you perfectly. If you pinch an inch in all areas (bust, waist, hip-again, depending on the designer’s measurement chart), then go down a size.

{Sensitive subject but one that must be noted: Weight and Inches are completely different. We all gain and lose in different areas, which can affect the sizing. Always order the largest part of your body.}

These are some of the places I recommend: (please note some of these places are more bridal but carry nice bridesmaid dresses that look great for Prom)

Edel’s Bridal Boutique (carries a formal line of dresses) – Located in Havre De Grace
​K&B Bridal Boutique- located in Bel Air on Main Street
Deja’ Vu – Located in Towson
Synchronicity – Located in Pikesville
Pizazz – is located in Aberdeen (I do believe she has retired, and the store location may be moved to home)
Amanda Ritchey – Location Parkville
Renaissance Prom – located in York, PA
Elegant Touch – Silver Spring, MD
Betsy Robinson – Pikesville
Lilly’s Bridal – Halethorpe
David’s Bridal – Glen Burnie, MD & York, PA
Lord & Taylor – Various locations
Nordstrom – Various locations
JC Penny’s – Various locations
Macy’s – Various locations

What can you expect to pay for a dress?
For Prom:
Based on last year’s numbers, I had dresses come in $120.00 – $1000.00. I know this is a wide range, but this is what came through. Some of these dresses were bought online.

In the average range, most were between $250 – $800. This may be a little sticker shock for some, so it may be a good idea to have family give money for Christmas so that you can afford your dream dress. Let’s face it parents/guardians try their best to do the best they can, but sometimes you need to take on the responsibility to help, especially if you have your eye set on something high-end. If you need ideas to make things more affordable, maybe borrow a dress, check craigslist*, E-bay* or consignment shops. {Before you buy…Do your homework to make sure you are getting a good dress.} I offer a payment plan for alterations if you allow enough time and it’s needed.  We can talk about this at your first appointment. {6 weeks is recommended turnaround time, so please follow me on social media so you can plan ahead of my booking ahead.}

These are the online vendors that I have worked on and approve the quality: search accordingly

Azazie, Prom Girl, Mori Lee, JJs House, Kennedy Blue, Cameron Blake, Vera Wang, Sincerity, Bill Levkoff, Adrianna Papel, Jovani, Sherri Hill

(I have been trying to track this but fell a little short, so ask me if you have any concerns.) Some dresses are made exceptionally well, while others have their quirks, which most are fixable. If you are concerned about a dress, you may send me a picture via email or FB messenger. Please be advised I do not give estimates in this form.

Why not?
Pictures do not fully showcase what may be needed and I believe in giving true estimates that respect your wallet and the quality of work I like to give. All my appointments are done via online scheduler as a reservation. The reservation fee does go towards alterations on kept appointment. I do have base pricing listed on my website to assist you.

Also, I know I mentioned this in Post #1, but shopping Now through January is Best for Prom and booking your alteration appointment as soon as you walk out of the store (or by Valentine’s Day) is highly recommended. Afterwards, it becomes slim pickings on appointment slots and fitting slots to get back in and try on your dress.

For Wedding: The price range of dresses I had come in last year averaged $800 – $5000 depending on the designer, detail and where you buy. I had fewer consignment dresses come in that were in the $500 – $2000 range. Be sure you are planning and ordering ahead to allow enough time for your dress to come and have alterations performed. Typically, I recommend purchasing your dress 12 months ahead as it takes 6-8 months for arrival and 3-4 months for the alteration process. Once you purchase your dress, you can make a reservation with me to save your wedding date. All scheduling is done online through Reservations, and you can see my calendar 18 months out. Bridal Party and other formal you can see 12 months out.

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*Please be sure to take Post #3 into advisement.

Thank you for allowing me to assist you.