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To Schedule, you will select the category "WEDDING GOWN ALTERATIONS" and then Select Service "INITIAL BRIDAL CONSULTATION" for the year you are getting married. 

Online scheduling is open through December 2024. 2025 will open July 1st, 2023.

Bridal Party/Other Formal

Select Category "Bridal Party or Other Formal Alterations".

Scheduling Guides Below to assist you in proper planning and explanation of services.

Scheduling greater than these minimums will allow more time should you have less than the flexible schedule for fitting appointments.
​P.S. Formal refers to Bridesmaids, Mother/Father-Of, Groomsmen, Gala, Prom, etc. {not Bridal/Wedding gowns}.

The reservation Bridal Party will receive a discount if the bride makes a reservation and their first appointment is on or before 8 weeks before the wedding date.

Be sure to put your email in correctly for proper notifications, and you will receive an email confirmation within a few minutes

Appointment Scheduling


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If you cannot find an appointment with the required turnaround time for your need by date and detail of dress, please IMMEDIATELY GO TO WAIT for the LIST and follow directions. It is Self-Serve.
I will only pull from the Wait List when I receive cancellations or get ahead.

* Base pricing guide on Alterations Page



Bridal parties and other formal and everyday events are available through regular booking (FREE) and through Reservations (which offer perks for those who qualify).


2026 will open July 1st, 2024.

If you are getting married any time after that, you can fill out the form and email

To to hold your date till online booking opens*.

​As a REMINDER: Please choose an appointment based on detail of your dress.

Dresses will little to no detail minimum turnaround time is 3 months (12 weeks).

Dresses with detail minimum turnaround time is 4 months (16 weeks).

Should you be needing custom work please allow 5-6 months and confer with me so we can be sure you have ample to shop for or order material needed through the bridal shop.

It is recommended not to have your first consultation with me greater than 6 months prior to your wedding date. If any questions, please contact me. *

For Bridesmaids, Formal, Prom, etc., please schedule between 6 weeks to no more than 3 months.

*Payment is collected through PayPal for reservations only. Pre-reserving via paper only for dates not yet released for online booking. Must book with dress attached to an appointment within 3 months of online booking opening if you pre-reserved with paper. Detail refers to applique', beading, lace, sequins.

Waiting List

Full details and sign up. See the online
booking system for real-time availability!

WLE RULES 12-10-23

Waiting List Link

Please click below and follow the directions!

Once you complete the submission, you will receive an email with a link to check your placement anytime.
Be sure to check the chart below before submitting!

Should you see an IS* beside your name when checking your placement, please contact me immediately as you are missing important information requested when you signed up, which will delay my being able to serve you better.

As a reminder, there are 4 lists, so that you may have someone ahead of you on another list.

Please use the chart below to assist you better and keep you informed.

Put Together To Help Keep

Brides, Bridal party and other Formal-wear on the wait list are Informed!

Remember to watch this chart and use the link from your waitlist submission, as dates can change.

It is Free to sign up. When accepted, you only pay an appointment fee of $25.00* per appointment.

Bridal in Blue and Formal in Green. (Formal refers to the bridal party, prom and other events.)

LAST REVIEW OF WAIT LIST ON: 4/13/24 *******NEXT REVIEW OF WAIT LIST ON:  4/27/24, 5/11/24


Should you be on the waitlist and are trying to hold out as long as you can before going to back up plan, you may email me for advice.

​*Appointment fee goes towards alterations on kept appointments and is non-refundable should you cancel or be a no-show.
*If you are not already on the list, I will be unable to assist when closed/completely booked. Also, I do not accept wedding dresses less than 8 weeks or bridal party/other formal less than 3 weeks off of the wait list. Thank you for your understanding.

Explanation of Columns

Still accepting column: Notes whether I am considering anymore for that month for level of need. The list will still take submissions as it has no limit to it, but if you submit after the closing date above, you won't be considered and will receive a denial, so you know to go to your backup plan.

Latest you will hear column*: Notes for each Bride (in blue) and Bridal Party/Formal (in green); the latest you will hear from me if you are on the list as to whether I can get you in. If your dress isn't in now, I'm sorry, but I cannot assist you as dress must be in to accept an appointment. Thank you for your understanding.

Completely booked means if you were on the wait list and haven't been contacted, you will receive notification from the wait list that I cannot assist. Please be sure you are utilizing wait list check-ins and confirming if you need removing if you found someone else. If you refuse 2 appointment offers, do not respond to an email/text message, or do not fulfill an IS* status within 60 days, you will be removed from the wait list so that I may efficiently work towards serving others. If you see a way this format can be more useful, please share your idea by emailing me at

*IS status means you are missing information that is needed for consideration.

​**means there may be a possibility to bring in one more dress, standby or contact me if you are on for this month.

Thank you so much for your business and understanding during this busy time of year!

#1 Tip: Please Plan Ahead

#2 Tip: Follow me on Social Media, so you always know how I am booking. This will be helpful for your needs as well as any family or friends who may need my services.

#3 Tip: The schedule can be viewed exactly 4 months out from the current day all the time, and reservations can always be seen 12 months out from the current day.