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Community Service - Helping a Senior Attend Prom {see below for details}
Convenience/Emergency Service - See the bottom of this page for a fee schedule.
This fee is in addition to regular service charges.
LESSONS - Have been discontinued due to the coronavirus.

Sorry, I Don't Do Upholstery or Shoe Repair!

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Community Services

"Senior Prom Dream A Reality"

"In 2011, I had the privilege of meeting 2 young ladies who wanted to go to their Senior Prom. A family member had been battling cancer, and their finances were spinning out of control. The girls were regrettably told they couldn't go to their Senior Prom because their parents couldn't afford it. They were devastated and looked into ways to make it happen. God led them to me through prayer, and I was honored to assist them. They found dresses at a local consignment shop, and I took care of the alterations. They attended their Senior Prom and had a memorable night which everyone desperately needed."

In the future, I have been asking clientele for donations of new or gently used formal dresses so we can work together to assist those less fortunate.
(Donors may remain anonymous if they choose.)

If you or someone you know needs this service, please have the school counselor/staff member contact me so we can help make a "Senior Prom Dream a Reality" one girl at a time*.

I hope that in the coming years, we can work as a community to grow the resources and assist more girls.


Donations Appreciated

Are you a School Counselor or Administrator?

Click below to send me an email if you know of a young lady who is a Senior that is unable to attend Prom due to hardship. I would love to make their Prom possible.*

*Respect for privacy and confidentiality is my priority.


*It is always best to schedule an appointment to receive an estimate.

Should you need emergency service, PLEASE PUT YOURSELF ON THE WAIT LIST!
The waitlist is self-serve; please visit the page for full details.

The emergency rate for custom work is no longer offered; please plan ahead of minimums.

(Please note: March - October are busy wedding months and can be up to 3-4 months for custom work. November - January are generally a little slower.)

​Wedding gowns requiring less than the recommended turn-a-round time (see FAQ's page for a guide) will be considered a Convenience/Emergency/Rush service in which the above fees will apply.

"Please be sure to plan so that we don't have to add to the stresses of your Big Day!" 

*Cash is required 14 business days or less.. The above fees are in addition to the regular charge. Not responsible for mail delivery delays.
​Sorry, No Exceptions! Full Policy/disclaimer

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